Increase the Number of Table Games

While the slot machines offer lucrative wins through bonuses like casino bonus UK no deposit, these traditional casino games may not be as appealing to the Generation Y as they prefer games that involve skills. As such, casino operators should consider installing more table games as they demand the use of specific skills and allow players to socialize with others. A 2015 research performed by the Marketing Research Association reported that the millennials find slot machines non-intuitive, boring and anti-social.

Make Strategic Partnerships with Software Development Companies

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The proliferation of social media platforms calls for gambling companies to understand its users and engage producer companies that have large shares of the social and mobile market as they understand what users want. It helps prospective casino companies to get acquainted with popular gambling activities and provide gameplays that meet these needs. As such, entering the social media platform is essential but online casinos need to go the extra mile and outsource services regarding performing qualitative analysis, and developing a business plan for new games. The service providers will also help identify the differences in age, regions, and gender before making elaborate design plans. Gambling companies looking to develop games for an Asian market, for example, can’t introduce gameplays with monsters as they are offensive in this region. Other markets like the US will gladly play such games.

Excellent Customer Service

Millenials are accustomed to instant results. As such, online casinos should create customer service platforms that provide instant replies. Apart from the 24/7 customer support and live chat, the casinos have taken to creating their own Twitter, Facebook and Twitch accounts to increase visibility. The social media pages act as communication and advertising avenues for casinos. After all, the Gen Y prefers reading the latest news from Facebook and not conventional news outlets.

Optimize Casino Games for Mobile Use

While brick and mortar casinos need to make significant changes to attract this new generation of gambling customers online casinos are no exception. They have an edge over land-based casinos in that they are well-versed in modern technology, but it is not enough to attract Gen Y. Millenials are always on the go making them heavy mobile users hence the need to optimize casino gameplays for mobile use. Today mobile gaming is the main contributor of revenue for most online gambling sites and its influence is growing exponentially.

Chasing the millennial money has proved challenging as this generation’s expectations change every year. The advanced technological changes coupled with the millenial’s ever-changing tastes means casinos can no longer rely on promotions, bonuses and loyalty programs to retain players. They need to study this new market, understand their behavior and interests and tailor casino games to these features. The casinos also need to first use social media platforms to personalize the games to their audience. Secondly, they should intensify the use of gamification features to keep players entertained. The use of strategic partnerships with software development companies, the integration of skilled games (table games), excellent customer service and games optimized for mobile use will also go a long way in attracting millenials to casinos.

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Using Social Media to Develop Casino Games

The proliferation of social gaming has increased rapidly over the years given the increasing social platforms. In 2015, experts estimated revenue of $3.4 billion would be generated from social gaming. However the actual revenue for that year was $3.5 billion and was expected to increase to $4.4 billion in 2017. This number is going to increase in the next few years and casinos should use information on the social media platform to identify customers for specific games and develop personalized experiences for the user.  The company can also use this information to classify the players in different segments (who is playing a certain game, when he pays to gamble, who pays more, among other measures) and develop games tailored to each group’s preference. Casinos can also use the platforms to understand what the players watch, read, their favorite action heroes among other metrics to form a psychological profile of the end user and give the software development team features that attract players.Online casino

An online casino that wants to reach women aged 40 and above, for example, will not develop action or shooting games but those similar to Happy Farm. In contrast, an audience that comprises teenagers is enticed by racing adds-on in an online casino.

Gamification and Mirroring

When the casinos have delivered on exciting gameplays, they need to look for ways to retain the new and existing players. The most popular way is using generous bonuses, promotions, a wide range of games and a responsive customer support. However players are always demanding for more and gamification introduces another way for players to enjoy a thrilling experience that encourages them to go back to the site. It involves incorporating video game features like level ups, creating a fantasy world, and using games within games. There are two aspects of gamification of online casino games: activities and rewards. In this case the activity being rewarded relates to installing the mobile version of the casino or liking the casino site on a social media platform.

Usually, online casinos reward players in the form of casino bonuses like the casino bonus uk no deposit, comp points, free spins, loyalty rewards and others. The integration of gamification, however, introduces the element of incremental earnings where players are not rewarded right away for tasks but need to achieve specific goals within a certain period. For example, an online casino may require gamers to play 100 slot spins to obtain a reward, while another may demand players to log in to their accounts for some days to claim a special bonus.

Gamification also improves the loyalty programs as they feature multiple tiers and each offers better rewards which motivates the player to play for real cash prizes. Some casino games are using this invention to introduce leaderboards where players can track their position and continue playing to improve their status. Social sharing is another aspect introduced by gamification. It allows players to share leaderboard stats, goals, badges and make referrals on social media sites. The casino then rewards players in form of loyalty points and special bonuses. Mirroring is another feature that helps casinos to create gameplays that act out real life situations. The new Emoji slot game sponsored by NetEnt is an example of mirroring.

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How Casinos Should Attract and Retain The Millenial Generation of Players

Welcome to where you learn about the latest gambling trends. While gambling dates back in the 19th century, it has evolved with every generation taking on new ways of enjoying the practice. The baby boomers enjoyed playing land-based casinos but the technological advancements spawned the introduction of online casinos. The Gen Y is familiar with this genre of casinos as it is the first generation to grow around technological devices. Gambling companies are thus compelled to change how it develops games in a bid to woo this new generation. The text further deliberates on the issue.

Studies show the millennials will make up half of the global workforce by the year 2020. As at June 2015 this generation (83 million) had outnumbered the baby boomers (75.4 million) making them the most influential demographic group. Also known by other names like the lazy job hoppers who easily get distracted by tech devices the Generation Y comprises people who were born between 1980 and the early 2000. As such, they are the oldest members of the present demographic after the baby boomers and have only entered their prime spending years. It means they will soon make up 50% of the global workforce hence the main target audience for casinos.Online casino

Unlike the previous generation, the millennials are not used to the standard mechanics of dated casino platforms but modern features of the Match Three and other such games. It is because this generation grew up around games such as Holde’em Poker and the Blackjack as the Playstation, the Xbox and the usual PC games had not been developed. The unique traits of the millennial generation means that casinos can’t attract them using standard gameplays like slots. Here are other notable features of the millennials that can help casino developers create online and land-based casinos that attract this generation:

  • They are tech-savvy: The millennials are the first generation to use and grow around technological devices. It makes them pretty adaptive and reliant on technological innovations
  • They are good at multi-tasking: This generation was born during the global economic decline hence very mobile and accustomed to performing several errands simultaneously
  • They are very expressive: Millennials believe in self-expression as they were the first people to interact with technology almost in all aspects of their lives. Additionally they are the first active user of various social media platforms that allow them to share their thoughts and opinions on various issues
  • They are selective: The millennials are the hardest to please as they are overly selective. They spend a long time inquiring about a product or service before buying it

All these traits affect how both online and land-based casinos should develop or alter their gameplay to attract and keep this target audience. The discussion highlights ways casinos can attract the millennials and retain them.

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